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Weld On Style Ring Bits

Carbide Studded "Weld-On" Style Ring Bits Designed to aid in surface casing advancement, as part of new exploration “pad” development & prior to production drilling initiated at a hydraulic fracturing (fracking) site.

These bits are typically used under “dual” or conventional rotary drills & ultimately remain in the ground as part of the surface casing installation process.

Our Bits are heat-treated & utilize either Conical (Ballistic Carbide) style or Button style bits that are “induction braised” instead of simply pushed into each ring bit body.

This “induction” installation process assures that each bit stays put during the drilling process, so that the entire Ring Bit does its job with each & every casing installation.

Simply match your surface casing diameter, select a standard duty or heavy duty application and then either Conical (Ballistic Carbide) style or Button style bits when ordering,

New Conical (Ballistic Carbide) insert bit, prior to our induction braising process.

Button (Dome) style carbide insert bit highlighting our induction braising process.

24-inch x Heavy Duty x Button Style Ring-Bit pictured with new induction braising process

Casing Shoe Size Cutting Face Width Carbide Insert Type Bits Per Shoe Assembly
Part Number
Smaller Sizes Available Upon Request
6-inch (152.4mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 20-pieces 27-0600HD-BC
7-inch (178mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 24-pieces 27-0700HD-BC
8-inch (203.2mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 24-pieces 27-0800HD-BC
9-5/8-inch (244.5mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 24-pieces 27-9625HD-BC
9-5/8-inch (244.5mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 16-pieces 27-9625SD-BC
12-inch (305mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Pointed Dome Style 38-pieces 27-1200HD-PD
16-inch (406mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Button Style 50-pieces 27-1600HD-BB
16-inch (406mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 50-pieces 27-1600HD-BC
16-inch (406mm) 5/8-inch (15.8) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 12-pieces 27-1600SD-BC
18-inch (457mm) 2-5/8-inch (67.7mm) Pointed Dome 48-pieces 27-1812625HD-PD
18-1/2-inch (470mm) ¾-inch (19mm) Button Style 60-pieces 27-1850HD-BB
19-1/16-inch (484.2mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Pointed Dome Style 60-pieces 27-1906HD-PD
20-inch (508mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Button Style 60-pieces 27-2000HD-BB
20-inch (508mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 60-pieces 27-2000HD-BC
20-inch (508mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 14-pieces 27-2000SD-BC
21-1/2-inch (546mm) 1-1/8-inch (29mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 54-pieces 27-2151925HD-BC
21-1/2-inch (546mm) 1-1/8-inch (29mm) Pointed Dome Style 42-pieces 27-2151925SD-PD
22-1/2-inch (571.5mm) 2-1/4-inch (57.2mm) Pointed Dome Style 90-pieces 27-22517875HD-PD
24-inch (609.6mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Button Style 76-pieces 27-2400HD-BB
24-inch (609.6mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 76-pieces 27-2400HD-BC
24-inch (609.6mm) 5/8-inch (15.8mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 16-pieces 27-2400SD-BC
24-inch (609.6mm) 2-3/8-inch (60.3mm) C-20 Series Bullet Bits 27-2620RC-BC20
25-1/2-inch (648mm) 1-1/8-inch (29mm) Pointed Dome 54-pieces 27-2552325SD-PD
26-inch (660.4mm) 3-3/8-inch (85.7mm) C-20 Series Bullet Bits 27-2620RC-BC20
30-inch (762mm) ¾-inch (19mm) Button Style 68-pieces 27-3000HD-BB
30-inch (762mm) ¾-inch (19mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 68-pieces 27-3000HD-BC
30-inch (762mm) ¾-inch (19mm) Pointed Dome 68-pieces 27-3000HD-PD
36-inch (914.4mm) ¾-inch (19mm) Button Style 82-pieces 27-3600HD-BB
36-inch (914.4mm) ¾-inch (19mm) Ballistic “Bullet” Style 82-pieces 27-3600HD-BC
36-inch (914.4mm) ¾-inch (19mm) Pointed Dome 82-pieces 27-3600HD-PD
Larger Sizes Available Upon Request

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