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Inflatable Packers

Model 713 Inflatable Packer with a (custom) resting OD of 7-inch (178mm) x maximum inflated OD of 14-inch (356mm) with 4-pump wires, 2-extra ports & 3-inch (76mm) center tube

Inflatable Grout Packer Model Assembly Inside Diameter (Optional) Assembly Part Number
36 1.5-inches (38 mm) 27-360-015
47 2.0-inches (50.5 mm) 27-470-020
610 3.0-inches (76 mm) 27-610-030
Inflatable Grout Packer Model Inflatable Element Length (Optional) Assembly Part Number
23B 15-inches (381 mm) 27-23B-150
23B 60-inches (1.5 m) 27-23B-600
34B 15-inches (381 mm) 27-34B-150
34B 60-inches (1.5 m) 27-34B-600
36 15-inches (381 mm) 27-360-150
36 60-inches (1.5 m) 27-36-600
Inflatable Grout Packer Model Assembly (Overall) Length (Optional) Assembly Part Number
23B 10-inches (254 mm) 27-23B-10
23B 55-inches (1.4 m) 27-23B-55
34B 10-inches (254 mm) 27-34B-10
34B 55-inches (1.4m) 27-34B-55
36 10-inches (254 mm) 27-36-10
36 55-inches (1.4 m) 27-36-55


“Mechanical” style Inflatable Packer assembly

“Fixed Head” style Inflatable Packer assembly

“Sliding Head” style inflatable Packer assembly

Composite Cable consists of 3/32-inch (2.4 mm) Steel Cable for hoisting, 3/16-inch (4.8 mm) Inflation Tube wrapped in a 7/16-inch (11.1 mm) OD protective x flexible PVC Jacket, best used with our Wireline (coring) Packers


Grout Packers – feature larger ID Center Tubes, Grout Scraping Seals and inflation up to 1,800 psi (124 bar)

Environmental Packers – flexibility in design allows for multiple Sampling Tubes

Inflatable Packers - Come in three (3) fundamentally different configurations:


The first is the Sliding Head Style Packer, where one head (end) is fixed. In our design, the fixed head is threaded on the end of a Center Tube, also known as a Mandrel.

The opposite end is designed to slide up the Center Tube as the packer becomes inflated. Seals, O-Rings and Scrapers (Grout Seals) keep the center tube clean from debris. This style allows for a broader range of inflation diameters.


The second - Fixed End Packers are just that, meaning both ends of the packer are fixed.

As inflation pressure is increased the rubber element expands much like a balloon. These types are commonly used in Environmental applications as they can be modified greatly in their configuration. More pass thru (larger center tube) options are available in these types of packers and we can vary the rubber compounds to include Viton, EPDM, Neoprene amongst others.

The Fixed End Packers are sized closely to the diameter they are intended to be used. For example, in a 4-inch (HW or HWT) diameter casing/ borehole, we would suggest a packer OD of 3-1/4-inches (83 mm)


Third - Mechanical Packer is designed after the common well seal. A rubber element is sandwiched between two discs. A tightening rod is screwed down compressing the rubber element outward creating a seal in the casing.

These should be sized even closer to the bore hole or casing ID as then the fixed end packers are - for example…a 4-inch (HW or HWT) casing/ borehole, the mechanical packer OD should be 3-7/8-inches (98.4 mm).


Wireline Packers are available in support of deep coring applications as are Straddle style Packers (by connecting them down-hole) to isolate both the top and bottom of specific zones in a cased or open bore hole.


Specify your application when requesting a quote.

Inflatable Grout Packer Model Maximum (Inflated) Diameter Minimum (At Rest) Diameter Maximum Allowable Inflation Pressure Assembly Inside Diameter (Standard) Inflatable Element Length (Standard) Assembly (Overall) Length (Standard) NPT Threaded Connection Typical Casing & Wireline Rod Application Assembly Weight Assembly (Base) Part Number
Model 12 2.625-inches (66 mm) 1.250-inches (30 mm) 290 psi (20 Bar) .375-inches (9.5 mm) 28-inches (711 mm) 45-inches (1.15 m) .250-inch AW Casing & NWL/ NQ Rod 5-Pounds (2.3 kg) 27-012
Model 23B 3.94-inches (100 mm) 1.66-inches (42 mm) 360 psi (25 Bar) .750-inches (19 mm) 25.5-inches (650 mm) 45-inches (1.15 m) .375-inch NW Casing & HWL/ HQ Rod 8-pounds (3.63 kg) 27-23B
Model 34B 5.00-inches (127 mm) 2.13-inches (54 mm) 185 psi (12.8 Bar) 1.00-inches (25 mm) 24.5-inches (620 mm) 48-inches (1.2 m) 1.00-inch HW (HWT) Casing & PWL/ PQ Rod 14-pounds (6.4 kg) 27-34B
Model 36 6.50-inches (165 mm) 2.83-inches (72 mm) 145 psi (10 Bar) 1.35-inches (32 mm) 24.5-inches (620 mm) 39-inches (991 mm) 1.25-inch PW (PWT) Casing 23-pounds (10.5 kg) 27-036
Model 47 7.50-inches (190 mm) 3.33-inches (85 mm) 160 psi (11 Bar) 1.35-inches (32 mm) 24.0-inches (588 mm) 38-inches (.97 m) 1.25-inch PW (PWT) Casing 26-pounds (11.8 kg) 27-047
Model 58 8.00-inches (203 mm) 4.00-inches (102 mm) 130 psi (8.9 Bar) 1.50-inches (38 mm) 24.0-inches (588 mm) 39-inches (1.2 m) 1.25-inch SW (SWT) Casing 29-pounds (13.4 kg) 27-058
Model 610 12.60-inches (320 mm) 5.13-inches (130 mm) 115 psi (7.9 Bar) 3.00-inches (76 mm) 39.0-inches (0.99 m) 72-inches (1.83 m) 2.50-inch 10-inch ID (254 mm) Casing 95-pounds (43.2 kg) 27-610
Model 713 13.78-inches (350 mm) 6.69-inches (170 mm) 85 psi (5.9) Bar 3.00-inches (76 mm) 41.0-inches (1.04 m) 73-inches (1.9 m) 3.00-inch 11-inch ID (279.4 mm) Casing 132-pounds (60 kg) 27-713


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