USExploration Equipment Company is now a division of Mobile Drill Intl & part of a manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience, servicing
the Geo-Environmental, Geo-Construction, Mineral,
Oil & Gas Exploration markets - worldwide.


Shale Oil & Gas Products

S-27 Series of Roto-Sonic Rigs

Tooling Catalog

Environmental Products

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  • Solid Stem or Hollow Stem Augers and Accessories
  • Soil & Water Sampling Equipment
  • Rotary & Coring Tools
  • Geo-Environmental & Remediation
  • Geothermal & Mineral Exploration
  • Track, Truck & Portable Mounts
  • Weld-On Casing Shoes
  • Ring-bits with Carbide Buttons or Ballistic Carbide Inserts
  • Coming soon, Impregnated Diamond Enhanced Carbide
  • PVC/Stainless Riser, Screen and Accessories
  • U-Pack Screens to Manhole Covers
  • Inclinometer Casing to Custom Build Vaults

USExploration Equipment Company Service the way it used to be.

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